This is the Amazing, Anti-Nazi History Book Everyone on the Internet is Talking About!


Interview with the Nazi
by Erik ORION

  • Skorzeny claims to have murdered the great inventor Nikola Tesla in 1943!

  • Skorzeny faked Hitler’s alleged suicide in 1945 & later his own death in 1975!

  • Skorzeny was tried & acquitted at the Nuremburg Trials.

  • Skorzeny was NOT a wanted Nazi after WWII.

  • Skorzeny led Operation Paperclip which illegally brought Hitler’s entire Third Reich to America to merge with the American O.S.S. to create the C.I.A.

  • George H.W. Bush is a foreign born Nazi spy named George H. Scherff Jr.!

  • Skorzeny, Bush & the C.I.A. murdered J.F.K.

  • See never before published photos of wanted SS Nazi war criminals from Otto Skorzeny’s personal photo albums.

  • See the only photo in existence of Adolph Hitler AFTER his “alleged” suicide from 1997!

  • The C.I.A., NSA & F.B.I. are Hitler’s Fourth Reich in America!

  • 9-1-1 was an inside job by the U.S. Government!

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The Truth Always Hurts The Illuminati.

This eBook is a Giant Poke in the Eye to the New World Order

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